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Trash Services

All Winterset residents receive trash, yard waste and recycling services (payment is included in the annual dues) from:

GFL Environmental 
PO Box 10
Harrisonville, MO  64071
Phone: (816) 380-5595 

Pickup Information
Trash, yard waste, and recycling are picked up each week on Tuesdays, with exceptions on these holidays.

    • July 4
    • Christmas
    • New Years 
If one of these holidays falls on or before your service day, expect a one day delay in service that week.

 Pickup Time

  • All items must be placed at the curb before 6:30 a.m. for pick up! If they are not out by 6:30 am; items will not be picked up until the next week.
  • Items are to be put out no sooner than Monday evening.
  • Residents should not assume their trash will be picked up at the same time every week.
  • If your trash is missed, please call GFL within 24 hours at (816) 380-5595.
  • After your trash is picked up, please remember to store all containers out of site so as not to be seen from adjacent and surrounding properties. 


  • GFL will provide Winterset residents with wheeled poly carts at no charge. To order a poly cart, call GFL and be sure to identify yourself as a Winterset resident.
    • All household trash is to be placed in the covered trash container. By ensuring that your trash is properly contained, it ensures all of your trash will be disposed of. In addition, it helps to keep our neighborhood clean and it prevents any sensitive information that you may have placed in your trash from blowing into unsafe hands.
    • For any overflow trash, residents have two options. There is the option to rent an additional card for $10/month or to purchase bag tags at 5 tags for $10. Please contact GFL at 816-350-5595 to request either of these for your household.
    • These poly carts are tied to the house address and should be left at that address should you move out.

Pick up of Bulky Items

  • Large, Bulk waste items pickup must be scheduled with GFL. One free bulk item is allowed per month; call GFL (816) 380-5595 for more information
  • Bulk items:
    • Furniture-dresser, end tables, mattress w/box springs, couch, love-seat, table, recliners, patio furniture, BBQ grill (NO propane), lawn mower (empty of fuel), etc. Small quantities of clean-up and/or remodeling properly bagged and not weighing more than 50 lbs. per bag or can, are at the driver's discretion.
    • Carpet and padding (10'x10' room max) must be cut into 4' lengths, rolled and bound
    • NO Appliances


  • Up to 10 bags and/or bundles of yard waste will be collected once each week, 52 weeks a year.
  • Yard waste materials include: grass clippings, weeds, leaves, small shrubs and branches and must not be mixed with trash. 
  • Yard waste must be placed in approved biodegradable paper yard waste recycling bags and must not exceed 40 pounds each. 
  • Brush and branches which do not fit in the paper bags must be securely bundled (bundles may not exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in thickness). They need to be tied with string/rope. No wire will be accepted.
  • Please place your yard waste bags and bundles at the end of your driveway on Tuesdays. 
  • Large stumps, logs, railroad ties, lumber, rock or dirt and large branches are not included in our yard waste service.
  • Christmas trees will be picked up as long as they have been cut into sections no more than four feet in length and all decorations and lights removed. 


  • We strongly encourage all residents to recycle in order to help preserve the environment for future generations. Our waste vendor provides curbside recycling on the same day as trash pickup (Tuesday).
  • Contact GFL (816)380-5595 for recycling bins. Be sure to identify yourself as a Winterset resident, as there is no charge.
  • Please make sure your items are packed loosely in your cart, to help with complete dumping of the containers. 

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