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ARC Violation Report Form

All members of our community are entitled to submit violation forms to help keep our neighborhood a great place to live. The ARC does encourage you to talk to your neighbors before submitting a violation form, but realize that sometimes a submittal is inevitable. 

Please note the following about filling out a form:
  1. The contact information requested below is required and for record purposes only. We may need to contact you with questions.  Our policy is to send a letter notifying the neighbor of the report and ask for correction or response within 15 days. 
  2. The ARC is not here to resolve all disputes. For example, if you think your neighbor’s fence was built on your property, the ARC cannot address this issue. You need to discuss it with your neighbor, update your survey, or pursue legal action. If your neighbor’s stereo is too loud or a car is illegally parked on the street, the ARC suggests that you call the police.
  3. Issues concerning “common areas” (such as the pool, community center, playgrounds, walking trails, green spaces, etc.) should be directed to the chair of either the Pool, Recreation or Green Space Committees, or staff at the Community Center.
  4. Reactions to reports generally will not be immediate. The ARC generally does business by email. Moreover, our members are volunteers who, like everyone in the community, lead busy lives.
The ARC is here to serve everyone. We don’t pretend to have perfect solutions for every situation. Our standards may evolve over time. However, the ARC and Association Board are dedicated volunteers who are committed to being fair and reasonable. If you don’t understand or like our actions, then we welcome your participation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!