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Paint Submittal Form

Please complete the form to best of your ability.  If you do not have an answer to a question, use "n/a" and explain at the bottom.

The purpose of the ARC is to assure that all proposed uses and any construction or alteration of any Structure which takes place on any Lot or any other Property shall be performed in conformity with the objective of high-quality environmental design and development as set forth in the Development Plan.  The ARC no longer maintains a list of acceptable paint colors, instead each submission will be evaluated with the objective of high quality environmental design and harmony. 

Submitting this form hereby certifies the following: "I realize that
it is my responsibility to comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to building permits, I may not commence or complete the Project until it has been approved in writing by the ARC, if the Project is approved in writing by the ARC, it is my responsibility to construct the Project in accordance with the ARC approval letter, approval of the Project by the ARC does not constitute any certification or verification that the Project complies with any other laws or is otherwise safe or sound, and I am responsible for any damage by me or my contractors to any other property in Winterset, and construction of a Project without prior written approval from the ARC, or not in compliance with prior written approval from the ARC, may result in a Right of Action under the CC&R’s, including but not limited to imposition of fines on me, liens on my Lot, suspension of voting and enjoyment rights in the Association, and possibly entry on my Lot and removal of the Project."