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Butterfly Gardens

There are two butterfly gardens in Winterset. The original butterfly garden may be reached by driving south on Forestpark Boulevard or by driving north on Forestpark Lane. A second butterfly garden is located on Wintergarden Drive in the Garden Villas neighborhood. The butterfly gardens feature fish ponds with flowing water, raised beds of perennials, shrubs, and ornamental trees and grasses. Also, a vine-covered wooden arbor is featured at each butterfly garden. The butterfly gardens are mulched and irrigated to encourage continuously blooming perennials as well as healthy shrubs and trees. In spring, summer, and fall the best time to visit the butterfly gardens is in the morning and evening hours. The butterfly gardens are cared for by neighbors in the area with the assistance of the Green Space Management Committee of Winterset Park. If you have an interest in participating in caring for the butterfly gardens please telephone the Community Center office. Please note: fish are fed on a schedule by designated homeowners in the area. Overfeeding by others can prove fatal to the fish. Please do not feed the fish.

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